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Fanfiction: Secret [YomixKuronue] [Jun. 25th, 2007|02:47 am]
A community dedicated to the bat demon Kuronue
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Title: Secret
Author: The laughing corpse
Genre: One shot, anime/manga, A.U-ish, Yaoi
Rating: R
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho/Poltergeist report.
Summary: The hard way is sometimes the best way. YomixKuronue.
A/N: My theories of Kuronue-kun’s personality are pretty irrelevant here. I don’t think the ex. Partner of Youko Kurama was kind, but I do believe he was the nicer of the two. Kurama’s just a cold bastard unfortunately. Written for Livejournal’s 5trueloves community, theme #28: Secret.
Disclaimer: Yu Yu Hakusho will never be mine. Nope. Sorry. The Yu Yu Hakusho series, they solely belong to Yoshihiro Togashi and other big companies own it. I don’t make cash out of this meager piece of writing.

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